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#238 hi hello hey

sorry this community went dead! university, you know how it is. for awhile, there wasn't much jaesu to post or motivation either but with the new fanservice, i'm back. i'll try to post when i can. :)

we are open to affiliation as well. :)
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nice to see memories brought back ~
true that it's not so much but i still catch some
actually there's always a pic or gif from each of their event or their daily tweet

i have some from Vietnam soccer event, BTS of NII, fan meeting, japan concert vid making, Spain, airport pics, etc~

let me know if you need any file ^^
baby~ I too have lost the time to update due to work.
But yea! JaeSu~~ love love love <3
Thank you bb ^^
Hey sweetie thanks for this post!! It's full of adorable JaeSu, just the way I love them ^^ I've noticed how often Jaejoong looks at Junsu so intently...with fascination sometimes and sometimes with adoration!
Oh and the bonus of Changmin's expression in that first one is the icing on the cake ;o) hehehe.
Happy to see new posts! :-D