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This is just weird...

Jaejoong & Junsu are going to be neighbours~

I'm sure you guys have already heard of this news but this is a comm for any type of JaeSu sharing so here's an excerpt of the article:

As it is the first time he is to have a home under his own name and to be able to call it “my home”, Jaejoong is extremely pleased. Also, the complex that Jaejoong signed a contract with is also where Jaejoong’s fellow member, Junsu, is currently living in. It has easy access due to the subway station which is close by, the view is also nice, so it seems that Jaejoong is quite satisfied.”

“It was bought with the earnings from JYJ’s activities. Kim Junsu was the first who bought and moved into the apartment and Jaejoong seems to be interested in this residential area as well. Therefore is the reason why the two of them are always being together. They would most likely be together more frequently after he (Jaejoong) moved in. This is the first time Jaejoong has bought an apartment under his name, thus he is very concerned with the interior design.”

If you want to read the full articles here and here.

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